Printing & Embroidery Options

We've recently added more printing & embroidery choices to our garment decoration options, and hope you like the latest improvements. If you need anything more complex, or if you are unsure and would like help with options, please either drop us a line via the contact us page, or phone us on the contact number shown at the bottom of the page - we love to talk!   We hope you find these changes helpful.

Our printing and embroidery services are flexible and easy to use. You can find a full description of the options available below, but should you require custom printing or embroidery that falls outside these limits, please give us a call or email us and we'll be very happy to help with your own designs and requirements.


If you require printing or embroidery, you should first choose the required location of the printing in the 'Printing' or 'Embroidery' drop down box for applicable items. This will also show the price of any printing which will be reflected in the product total price when added to your shopping basket. A variety of printing locations are available depending on the garment, and left and right locations are from the wearer's viewpoint as seen below. Depending on the garment the location might change due to your requested text length etc, but our staff are very experienced and deliver consistently good-looking results.


Printed Text

Enter the text you require printed here. If there are no separate text boxes based on print location we will normally use the same single line of text for all prints, but when ordering printing in multiple places you can, if you wish, put a slash "/" between front and back text in the single text box, e.g: JOHN SMITH / SITE SUPERVISOR . We'll then split them up and print them beautifully for you! Please confirm that you have chosen the printing locations required correctly (see above). For example, you could choose "On Both Left Breast and Back" for front and back prints on a single garment.

Printing Font or Embroidery Text Style

You can choose the font you would like your text printed or embroidered in here. For normal printing we have a wide range of fonts, some with italic versions available as shown below. For embroidery we can offer a wide range of decorative fonts, again illustrated below.


Printing Colour

You can choose the colour of the applied printing here. Standard printing is typically a durable heat-applied single colour vinyl process, however we also offer a range of speciality printing materials for a small surcharge including fluorescent high visibility colours, and a reflective silver material which is very similar to the reflective tape applied to our high visibility clothing.


Embroidery Thread Colour

Our quality embroidery is available in a wide variety of colours which can be chosen from this drop down box.