Swarfega Van Cradle Complete Hand Care Starter Kit

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The Swarfega Cradle Hand Care Complete Starter Kit is convenient in that it can be installed in areas of limited space. Great for site cabins, warehouses, garages and vans for use on the road, it is easy to use and economical - giving up to 750 applications for each cartridge.

The Kit contains the following three cartridges;

CRH36V: Hand cleaner - no water required, works rapidly to remove soiling, dermatologically tested.

CRC340: Universal pre work cream for dry and wet work to protect against contaminants, perfume free & non greasy. Proven anti-bacterial activity. Helps protect the skin against contact with contaminants often associated with outdoor workers.

CRA360: Alcohol based gel hand sanitiser, protects against bacteria and fungi, no water required. Advanced alcohol gel formula is easy-to-apply to provide an economical and convenient method of rapidly disinfecting clean skin. Excellent bacteria static activity against gram +ve and gram -ve bacteria and fungi.

We also stock replacement cartridges for this kit.