Welcome to our Brand New website!

Welcome to our Brand New website!

After many months of work behind the scenes, we are proud to launch our brand new website!

This is now bang up to date, much faster and allows for full functionality across all platforms, be they PC, Tablet or Mobile Phones. Our aim is now to include the vast array of additional products that we have sold off-line for many years, and over the coming weeks and months you will notice a huge amount of new products being added to our online store.

Working in conjunction with our most trusted partners, not only will the online product range be expanded, but we are adding to the library of data sheets, product testing standards and general information to hopefully help you to find the exact information that you need to meet you particular applications.

You can find this information at the bottom of the screen or by pressing this link Garment Standards & Testing Information.

While we complete the new product ranges being added, if there are any items that you need that we are currently not showing, please give us a call or drop us a message and we will add them to our priority list to list urgently for you.

Please keep checking back with us regularly and we are sure you will like what you find!

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